Sakurako HATTORI

Sakurako HATTORI was born in 1988 in Japan. She studied at Tama Art University of oil painting Department, Japanese Painting Course and graduated in 2013. Sakurako was awarded the Prize for Encouragement, Special Prize for Curator for Art festival of Blue Iwami in 2011 and won the Community Award of Minato Media Museum(MMM) in 2012. Sakurako had been of special interest at her first international art fair, Young Art Taipei in 2014.
When Sakurako presented her newest work, "Metro", she said: "I have always been fascinated by drawing food and its packages in my paintings. Trying to add a new concept into them, I have got an idea of resembling this painting a metro map, or something similar to let people picture one. The theme of this painting is 'Tokyo, the city of materials and logistics'. I hope viewers enjoy looking into this painting by comparing it with the original metro map."
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