Kunihiko NOHARA

Born in 1982 in Hokkaido, Japan. Graduated from MFA sculpture Course, Hiroshima City University.
After the Atsuo Takahashi and Kunihiko NOHARA duet Exhibition in 2010, Kunihiko NOHARA’s art works started getting noticed. Following his solo exhibition had been held in 2012 in Tokyo, Japan.
Kunihiko NOHARA’s art works show the loneliness moment he feels. The feel is being in the different space-time like cloud and smoke which changes the figure freely. Main theme of his art works is freedom and time which is tended to be forgotten by our memory, and desire.
He also has tried to figure the clouds which he saw in his childhood. “Building and the Sky” series is Kunihiko NOHARA’s current works that were showed in the solo exhibitions on 2012. ( visiting gallery gladden arts... )