Fion KO

Hong Kong's new generation artist, childhood lived Kyoto Japan youth studying in United Kingdom Academy of fine arts, 2007 after creating la petite mu mu in respected, first solo exhibition held in Hong Kong in 2010. In 2012, she was invited to exhibit her outdoor stereo arts including handwritten works of paintings, prints and sculpture in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Wearing Rainbow raindrops hoodie is the most popular style for la petite mu mu, it can represent the creative mind of Fion. Besides raindrop mu mu, thunder rabbit mu mu, blue panda mu mu, and many other paintings are also popular and representative of the artist's famous creation. In the beginning of 2010, la petite mu mu stereo works exhibited in Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai, 2013 fion held a solo exhibition "a Midsummer Night's Dream" in Taipei, was welcomed by the art market! Fion is now continued to produce a wide range of painting and stereo works, and plans to publish a picture book of poetry. ( visiting gallery gladden arts... )