Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts , Sculpture Course . After won the 2008 awards Japan young artists Akatin held duet show with Mami Itagaki in Tokyo in late 2011.
Akatin is good at creating art concept by mixed media. She is a leader of Japan young artists, who combined innovation with original creative intent. Akatin said: "In our world, it happens raining and breezing. Even if it happens at the same moment, each person has different impression for them. For example, someone feels tender for rain, and the other feel sad and cold. I would like my works to exist such as this rain and wind, and just the event. And I hope my works will be reminded to audience impressively."
In the Art Taipei 12, Akatin's works got lot of attention from audience. Akatin is a rising stars of the Japan young artist. ( visiting gallery gladden arts... )