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We love art as much as you and collect rare works of many contemporary artists. Hope you can find your favorite art works here!

Frequently asked questions:

Question 1:There are some arts I love to purchase, how do I supporse to do?

Re: You can see a "collect" button on favorite artwork page, click on it and leave your contact information on "collect" page!
Once we have received your information, we will contact you in person!

Question 2:After receiving the work of art, if I may return it?

Re: We are sorry! The artworks here are very collectable! Will not be returned.
If you no longer want the collection would like to sell, we may contact other willing buyers.

Question 3:Can you shipping my order to United States?

Re: We are very willing to deliver your order to any country!
Please leave your order info, and we will have someone contact you about shipping related matters.

Question 4:The artwork labeled "sold out" I like very much, is going to be restocked after?

Re: Current artworks are limited, so once show sold out means already out of stock.
If you really love to collect the arts, please leave your contact data in "Services" page. we have relevant news will contact you immediately.

Question 5:Is there any "gladden" gallery we can visit?

Re: No, we currently only on network sale

Question 6:I quite like Yoshitomo NARA's works, does "gladden" sell his other works?

Re: Yoshitomo Nara works are welcomed by everyone, very high collection value! We will be offering a lot of wonderful works of the artists, including Yoshitomo Nara.
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You will receive our regular updates of product information and many artists news!

Question 7:I quite like Yoshitomo NARA's works, can I get information if here sell his other works?

Re: Of course! You are welcome to leave your requirements and contact information in "News" page "subscribe to newsletter",
you will receive our regular updates of information!

Question 8:Can you sell my collaction?

Re: We are currently sell small works of art. if you have this need, you can leave your info, and we will contact you!